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Schedule F.A.Q

How many games are played in a 39-team round-robin softball schedule?

The short answer: For a 39-team league or tournament, with each team playing every other team exactly once, there will be 741 games.

The long answer: It depends on how many rounds are needed. A round means the set of games where each team plays one other team, unless that team has a bye. To be a true round-robin, each team needs to play every other team, so in a 39-team schedule, each team would play 38 other teams, or 38 rounds. Multiplying the rounds by the number of teams and then dividing by two gives you the total number of games played, which is 741.

Are there byes in a 39-team round-robin schedule?

Yes. Any time there is an odd number of teams in a schedule, there will be a bye.

What you get when you use our schedule generator

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Games spread across multiple courts/fields/pitches

Spread out your games across multiple courts, fields, or pitches. Let games run at the same time if you have the capacity and the schedule allows for it.

Automatic standings updates and team stats

After you generate your schedule, enter in scores for games as they are played. When you do, we'll automatically update your league standings. Customize how you want teams to be ranked, either using point/goal differential, standings points, head to head matchups, etc.