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Making a complete schedule of games for your league or tournament can be a lot of work.

We know. And scheduling games is one of those tasks that you wish you never had to do. Wouldn't it be nice to just have a computer generate a list of games for you? That's why we built our fully customizable schedule generator tool. Enter in some information about your league, like days you play on and the number of courts available, and you'll instantly get an online game calendar, and a free site to share that calendar on.

Enter your teams, arenas, dates, and times, and we'll figure out the rest.

With, you'll be done scheduling games in a few minutes. Just enter in some basic information, like your team names, what days you play, how many games go on at the same time, etc. and we'll handle the hard part of matching up teams and picking times.

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Save time and avoid players and teams not showing up by having your league's game times online, and available 24x7. If you need, you can print out the calendars too.

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You'll get a beautiful, modern website to display your schedule on. Once you schedule some games, any player or parent can visit your custom website, and see game calendars, team updates, and more. You'll never have to deal with emailing, texting, or calling participants again.

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100% free to create your schedule
Make round robin or division-based schedules
Run the scheduler as many times as you'd like
Schedule teams to play each other more than once
Skip days for holidays, venue closures, or breaks
Schedule games being played at the same time on multiple courts or fields
Set which days of the week you want to play
Change any game's details at any point
Update the schedule from anywhere, anytime
Already have a schedule and just want a game calendar? Import your existing schedule
Per-team calendars
Bulk editing - move an entire day or weeks games with a few clicks

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