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2024 Winter Youth League

Winter Youth League
Last Games
CRC5 28
CNVM5 30
Sat Feb 24 @ 8:30 AM
CARC5 42
Sat Feb 24 @ 8:30 AM
Sat Feb 24 @ 8:30 AM
CN7K 26
Sat Feb 24 @ 8:30 AM
CRH3 31
CJK3 24
Sat Feb 24 @ 9:45 AM
CCC7 51
CMM7 31
Sat Feb 24 @ 9:45 AM
CLC3 30
CRPH3 27
Sat Feb 24 @ 9:45 AM
CJTB7 47
CNSL7 29
Sat Feb 24 @ 9:45 AM
CETH7 85
CJTB7 21
Sat Feb 24 @ 11:00 AM
CJH9 26
CC79 48
Sat Feb 24 @ 11:00 AM
CLC3 37
CRH3 24
Sat Feb 24 @ 11:00 AM
CN7K 14
Sat Feb 24 @ 11:00 AM
CNVM5 24
Sat Feb 24 @ 12:15 PM
CMB9 53
CDL9 45
Sat Feb 24 @ 12:15 PM
CETH7 55
CCC7 38
Sat Feb 24 @ 1:30 PM
CC79 46
CDL9 43
Sat Feb 24 @ 1:30 PM
CTM9 41
CRC9 55
Sat Feb 24 @ 2:45 PM
CJH9 43
CMB9 49
Sat Feb 24 @ 2:45 PM
CC79 9
CMB9 8
Sat Feb 24 @ 4:00 PM

Team Standings

Teams are ranked by the following methods in order, with the next method used only for tiebreakers for teams still tied from preceding methods.


6 teams in 3rd-4th

RankTeamGPWLTPctPts-FPts-A+/-Avg Pts-FAvg Pts-AAvg +/-W/L Streak
1Coach Larry Celtics 3rd-4th88001.00028217011235.221.214.0W-8
2COACH RUBEN Hawks 3rd-4th85300.6252071872025.923.42.5L-1
3COACH Josh Knicks 3rd-4th73400.429193185827.626.41.1L-1
4COACH Rob perez Heat 3rd-4th73400.429177200-2325.328.6-3.3L-3
5COACH Devell 3rd-4th Cavs62400.333144160-1624.026.7-2.7W-2
6COACH Basnight Bucks 3rd-4th60600.00069170-10111.528.3-16.8L-6


8 teams in 5th-6th

RankTeamGPWLTPctPts-FPts-A+/-Avg Pts-FAvg Pts-AAvg +/-W/L Streak
1COACH ALEX/ ROB CAVS 5TH-6TH75200.71438321017354.730.024.7L-1
2Coach Justin King Warriors 5th-6th85300.625295289636.936.10.8W-4
3Coach Neil Vaz Magic 5th-6th85300.6252682531533.531.61.9L-1
4COACH Randy Celtics 5th-6th74300.5712572075036.729.67.1L-1
5Coach Dan Hawks 5th-6th63300.500196202-632.733.7-1.0L-2
6Coach Cany Rodriguez 76ers 5th-6th62400.333166251-8527.741.8-14.2L-1
7Coach Jason Mckee Knicks 5th-6th 62400.333156229-7326.038.2-12.2W-1
8Coach Fez Bucks 5th-6th61500.167115195-8019.232.5-13.3L-2


6 teams in 7th-8th

RankTeamGPWLTPctPts-FPts-A+/-Avg Pts-FAvg Pts-AAvg +/-W/L Streak
1Coach Erik Thomson Heat 7th-8th88001.00053824229667.230.237.0W-8
2Coach CJ Celtics 7th-8th85300.62539027012048.833.815.0L-1
3Coach Mckee Magic 7th-8th74300.571246274-2835.139.1-4.0L-2
4Coach Jason Torres Bucks 7th-8th73400.429229329-10032.747.0-14.3L-1
5Coach Noor Sohail Lakers 7th-8th61500.167202280-7833.746.7-13.0L-3
6Coach Charles Hawks 7th-8th60600.000143353-21023.858.8-35.0L-6


6 teams in 9th-11th

RankTeamGPWLTPctPts-FPts-A+/-Avg Pts-FAvg Pts-AAvg +/-W/L Streak
1Coach Cortez 76ers 9th-11th88001.00030819611244.028.016.0W-8
2Coach Jayson Heat 9th-11th75200.7143332963747.642.35.3L-2
3Coach Mac Bucks 9th-11th84400.500259262-337.037.4-0.4L-1
4COACH Danny Lakers 9th-11th73400.4292812701146.845.01.8L-2
5Coach Rodger Cavs 9th-11th 61500.167185220-3537.044.0-7.0W-1
6Coach Trey Magic 9th-11th60600.000238360-12239.760.0-20.3L-6


5 teams in K-2nd

RankTeamGPWLTPctPts-FPts-A+/-Avg Pts-FAvg Pts-AAvg +/-W/L Streak
1Coach Devell Knicks K-2nd87100.8752151466926.918.28.6L-1
2Coach Nate 76ers K-2nd85300.625181179222.622.40.2W-2
3Coach Josh Celtics K-2nd 73400.429179170925.624.31.3L-1
4Seed 1 K-2ND00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
5Coach Neil Vaz Heat K-2nd70700.00095175-8013.625.0-11.4L-7

All Teams

RankTeamGPWLTPctPts-FPts-A+/-Avg Pts-FAvg Pts-AAvg +/-W/L Streak
1Coach Erik Thomson Heat 7th-8th88001.00053824229667.230.237.0W-8
2Coach Cortez 76ers 9th-11th88001.00030819611244.028.016.0W-8
3Coach Larry Celtics 3rd-4th88001.00028217011235.221.214.0W-8
4Coach Devell Knicks K-2nd87100.8752151466926.918.28.6L-1
5COACH ALEX/ ROB CAVS 5TH-6TH75200.71438321017354.730.024.7L-1
6Coach Jayson Heat 9th-11th75200.7143332963747.642.35.3L-2
7Coach CJ Celtics 7th-8th85300.62539027012048.833.815.0L-1
8Coach Justin King Warriors 5th-6th85300.625295289636.936.10.8W-4
9Coach Neil Vaz Magic 5th-6th85300.6252682531533.531.61.9L-1
10COACH RUBEN Hawks 3rd-4th85300.6252071872025.923.42.5L-1
11Coach Nate 76ers K-2nd85300.625181179222.622.40.2W-2
12COACH Randy Celtics 5th-6th74300.5712572075036.729.67.1L-1
13Coach Mckee Magic 7th-8th74300.571246274-2835.139.1-4.0L-2
14Coach Mac Bucks 9th-11th84400.500259262-337.037.4-0.4L-1
15Coach Dan Hawks 5th-6th63300.500196202-632.733.7-1.0L-2
16COACH Danny Lakers 9th-11th73400.4292812701146.845.01.8L-2
17Coach Jason Torres Bucks 7th-8th73400.429229329-10032.747.0-14.3L-1
18COACH Josh Knicks 3rd-4th73400.429193185827.626.41.1L-1
19Coach Josh Celtics K-2nd 73400.429179170925.624.31.3L-1
20COACH Rob perez Heat 3rd-4th73400.429177200-2325.328.6-3.3L-3
21Coach Cany Rodriguez 76ers 5th-6th62400.333166251-8527.741.8-14.2L-1
22Coach Jason Mckee Knicks 5th-6th 62400.333156229-7326.038.2-12.2W-1
23COACH Devell 3rd-4th Cavs62400.333144160-1624.026.7-2.7W-2
24Coach Noor Sohail Lakers 7th-8th61500.167202280-7833.746.7-13.0L-3
25Coach Rodger Cavs 9th-11th 61500.167185220-3537.044.0-7.0W-1
26Coach Fez Bucks 5th-6th61500.167115195-8019.232.5-13.3L-2
27Seed 3 K-2ND00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27Seed 1 K-2ND00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27Seed 4 K-2ND00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27Seed 2 K-2ND00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 4 5TH-6TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 2 5TH-6TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 1 3RD-4TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 3 5TH-6TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 3 7TH-8TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 1 9TH-11TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 4 3RD-4TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 2 7TH-8TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 2 3RD-4TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 1 5TH-6TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 3 3RD-4TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 4 7TH-8TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 1 7TH-8TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 2 9TH-11TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 4 9TH-11TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
27TBD 3 9TH-11TH00000.0000000.00.00.0N/A
28Coach Trey Magic 9th-11th60600.000238360-12239.760.0-20.3L-6
29Coach Charles Hawks 7th-8th60600.000143353-21023.858.8-35.0L-6
30COACH Basnight Bucks 3rd-4th60600.00069170-10111.528.3-16.8L-6
31Coach Neil Vaz Heat K-2nd70700.00095175-8013.625.0-11.4L-7