For organizations that have multiple leagues or separate divisions. An organization site is made up of multiple "League" sites.
  • Multiple League sites
  • Good for recreational centers
  • Good for entire school conferences
  • Good for organizations with multiple age divisions, boys/girls leagues, etc.
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For leagues that want to have a home page for their stat, schedules, news, and more.
  • Game Schedule Generator
  • Individual Player Stats
  • League Wide Team Standings
  • Player Sign Up/Registration Forms
  • League News and Updates
  • Good for "church leagues" or any individual leagues
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For school teams that want to have a place to communicate with players and parents. Good for middle school teams, high school teams, etc. where you plan to track stats for only your team.
  • Individual Player Stats
  • Team News and Updates
  • Team Game Calendars
  • Good for school teams, where you plan to track stats for just your own team.
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BETA For one-off tournaments, playoffs, and more. Accept registration, payment, post news and updates, and track scores and stats all in one place.
  • Create Registration Forms
  • Accept Registration Fees for Teams or Players
  • Generate Brackets
  • Post News and Updates
  • Team and Individual Statistics
  • Good for running an entire tournament.
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