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Track Everything, Automatically.

When you use our online software, there's no need to worry about adding up fouls, or counting how many timeouts a team has remaining. Everything is taken care of automatically - no more mistakes and recounting, no confusion about adding things up. Your stats keepers will be relieved.

Total Points Scored
2 Pointers Made
2 Pointers Missed
3 Pointers Made
3 Pointers Missed
Field Goal Percentage (2 and 3 pointers)
Free Throws (% and Made vs Missed)
Technical Fouls
Team Fouls

On Your Site Instantly.

When you're finished tracking stats using the app, just tap 'Save'. Boom - your site has all the game's statistics on the site. You don't have to go home and spend hours typing away on your computer.

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Review and Share.

Once you've saved your stats to your league or team website, the fun doesn't stop. You can review every important stat, who contributed it, and when it happened. Our Game Log feature lets you take a deep dive into your teams stats, just like the pros.

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