Running a basketball league can be a lot of work.
Let us take the most annoying part of the work - writing and uploading scores and stats - and turn it the most fun part of managing your league. Our apps take care of tallying up totals in every statistical category and sending it up to our website: all you have to do is tap one button.

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Automatically tally scores, fouls, and more.

With our app, there's no need to worry about adding up fouls, or calculating which team is in the bonus. Everything is taken care of automatically, and you can also keep track of team timeouts, per half and per game.

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Live history of the game

Since our app keeps live tracking of each individual player's statistics, you can instantly see what the last few plays were, using our game log feature. You can see what every player has done in the last few plays.

Upload instantly

Our best feature - once you are done keeping stats, there's no hours and hours of typing in numbers into a computer: just tap 'Save' and your stats will be uploaded to your website in seconds. Don't ever bug someone to enter the stats into your website ever again.

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FREE on iPhone or Android

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