Sahaba Basketball League Rules

Team Eligibility And Requirements

  1. Each team member must be at least 14 years of age and at most 18 years of age to the teams 1st scheduled game.
  2. Each team must have matching colored jerseys to participate.
  3. Players MAY NOT play for more than one team in the same league.

Team Coach Responsibilities

  1. Attend the mandatory coach's meeting and receive league rules and regulations, building policies any other information, and pass that info on to team members.
  2. Pay team entry fee, completely fill out team roster.
  3. Is the only person allowed to discuss or dispute calls to the officials.
  4. Is responsible for the sportsmanship of all his team members and fans/spectators.
  5. Responsible for notifying team members of any scheduled games.
  6. Informing team players that they must have a valid ID when checking into 1st scheduled game of the season.
  7. Is responsible for making sure each player on the team gets an equal amount of minutes in the game. The league holds the right to interfere and make adjustments if we see that all players are not getting an equal amount of play time.

Team Roster Information

  1. A team may have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players on their roster.
  2. Once a player has played in one regular season game, that spot on the roster is locked and the player MAY NOT be replaced. (Only life changing events will be considered for roster changes by the League)
  3. Roster additions may be made up to the end of 2nd scheduled game of the regular season.
  4. Players that are ejected from the league MAY NOT BE REPLACED on the team roster.
  5. Once a player has played for a team, he may NOT move to another team.


  1. Teams will be given jerseys for their players.
  2. All team members must have matching colored jerseys provided with numbers to play in a game. (technical)
  3. No two players on the same team can have the same number.

League Rules:

  1. Playoff seeding will be determined by record (W¬L). If multiple teams have the same record, seeding will be decided by head to head matchups and if necessary, point differential method will be employed.
  2. There is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE in the times of games already scheduled.
  3. League holds the rights to establish restrictions on teams as necessary if deemed too good.
  4. There is no guarantee of any games being made up if cancelled due to the weather.

Game Rules:

  1. 20 Minute halves / 2 Quarters.
  2. Clock will only stop when a time out is called, referees discretion, injuries, on a whistle within 2 minutes of the second half, and on a whistle within 1 minute of OT.
  3. 20 sec shot clock in final 2 minutes of the second half. 15 second shot clock in OT.
  4. 3 Minutes each Overtime.
  5. Overtime will start with a jump ball at center court.
  6. Jump Balls are awarded to opposite team of last possession won.
  7. 3 Sec. Offense violations in the paint.
  8. 8 Sec. Backcourt violation.
  9. Each team gets 2 time outs each half, unused timeouts carry over.
  10. Each team gets 1 Timeout in Overtime. Regular game timeouts DO NOT carry into overtime.
  11. Technical foul = 2 shots and turnover of ball possession.
  12. Each team with 7 team fouls in one quarter result in one and one shooting.
  13. Each team with 10 team fouls in a quarter result in Double Bonus.
  14. Substitution needs to done at the shot-clock table. Players must let the referee know about the substitution.
  15. If a team does not have 5 players, games continue with 4 players.
  16. Clock starts 5 min after scheduled game online. If a team has 3 or less players to start, the clock will run until the 4th/5th player shows up. Every minute that passes by, the opposing team gets 2 point each minute. Wait time stops at 15 minutes and the team with 3 or less players Forfeits.
  17. If a team has 3 players during start of the game, they can pick up a 4th player that is registered in the league ONLY UPON LEAGUE APPROVAL. This does not apply to teams that have 4 players only during the start of the game (games must go on with 4 players). This only apply to season games.
  18. If both teams do not have at least 4 players by 15 minutes after clock starts, both teams are automatically forfeited. If teams show up 15 minutes after the clock has started, only half the game will be played and will be counted as a full game.
  19. If a player is seen wearing earrings, hats, glasses, bracelets, or necklaces during game, he will be charged with a technical foul.
  20. In overtime, team fouls will be carried over.
  21. If a player is fouled out, and the team has 3 or 4 players on the court, that player can reenter after the opposing team shoots a technical foul and gains possession of the ball. Any additional fouls by that player will result in 2 free throws and for the other team and possession of ball, regardless if the team is over the limit.
  22. Defense in the back court is not allowed. Defense must be played after half court. If a team is down by more than 10 points, opposing team must play defense within the 3 point line. First violation will be a warning, an violation after will result in one shot techincal towards the defensive team.

Conduct Rules:

  1. Each player gets 5 fouls. After the 5th foul, the player is ejected from the game.
  2. If a player has been issued two technical fouls, player will be ejected from game and will be mandated to leave the court. Readmission into the League will be decided by League Officials.
  3. 5 technical fouls during the season results in an automatic suspension from the next game. Any further technical fouls results in a suspension regardless of a season or playoff game.
  4. Any ejected player/spectator is required to leave the facility, not just the playing area. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in suspension from the league and may result in the teams forfeiture of the game.
  5. Taunting of any kind will not be allowed; Technical Foul and warning of possible ejection of game will be issued to Player and team alike by Referee.
  6. A player MUST cover his knees. If proper attire is not worn, 2 technical fouls will be handed out to the player resulting in an automatic ejection from the game!
  7. Ill behavior shown by a player towards other players, Referees, Sahaba Organizers, Sahaba Volunteers, those watching the games and School staff will not be tolerated. Players will be dealt with accordingly.
  8. Foul language (Curses or words of that nature) is not allowed. Technical Foul will be assessed for every foul word.
  9. All players are requested to throw their garbage in proper disposal cans.
  10. All Players are responsible for their own belongings. Players are requested to bring in some form of bag by which they can store their personal belongings as well as personal beverages.