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League News

** Congratulations to the KINGS for winning the championship of Young Sahaba League (Winter 2018).** ** Trophy distribution plus Dinner will be held at HIC on May 11th (Friday) at 7:30 PM. ** ** All players and coaches of the league are welcomed to join and partici ...continue reading
May 5th Final Game - Kings VS. Thunder - 4:15 PM 3 Point Contest - 5:30 PM
Waiver Forms
Waiver Forms! Each Coach will be given waiver forms for their players this Saturday (3/3/2018). Please have them signed by players parents and returned BEFORE games on 3-10-2018. If a players form is not returned, he will not be eligible to play on 3-10-2018.
Gym Etiquettes!
Please follow the below Etiquettes of the GYM! - Clean up your garbage when exiting the gym - Gym must be cleared by 8 pm. - NO WOMEN ALLOWED in the Gym at anytime
Young Sahaba League Rules
**Sahaba Basketball League Rules** Team Eligibility And Requirements 1. Each team member must be at least 14 years of age and at most 18 years of age to the teams 1st scheduled game. 2. Each team must have matching colored jerseys to participate. 3. Players MAY NOT play for more than o ...continue reading