HIC BASKETBALL LEAGUE in Association With SAHABA Athletics
A part of Sahaba Sports League
Upcoming Games
Sat 4:00 PM
M. Noor
Sat 5:30 PM

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Trophies! Trophies will be given out to the following players: Season MVP - Decided before Final Game on Feb 3rd. All-Start MVP - Waseem from One Nation. 3pt Contest Winner - Decided after 3pt Contest on Feb 3rd. Finals MVP - Decided after Final Game on Feb 3rd. CHAMPIONS - Each play ...continue reading
Post Season and All Star Game
All-Star Game MVP - Waseem from One Nation Post Season: Playoff games are 18 minutes a half. 2 quarters. OT remains at 3 min with one time out each team. (Jump Ball) Double OT will be at 1 min with one time out each team. (Jump Ball) Semi-Final games have been posted. Final Game: ...continue reading
HIC Basketball League Rules General: 1. Two players from each team MUST stay for another game to take stats. Inability to do so will result in technical fouls the following game. 2. To qualify for playoffs, a player must play in a minimum of 4 games. 3. A player must be suited with jer ...continue reading
Technical Fouls!
Technical foul! 2 techs each player and that player is out for the game. All technical fouls will result in the opposing team receiving two (2) foul shots and possession of the ball. How does one get a technical foul? - Foul Language - Talking back or Taunting the ref(s) - Talking ...continue reading
Those repeat offenders or anyone else wearing shorts above the knees will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY! As Captains, it is YOUR JOB to have your team follow the RULES... Which happens to be FARD in ISLAM!