Panthers vs Warriors

The moment this summer has led up to is finally here, the Praia League Championship. However, the matchup isn’t as expected as the Achada Panthers look to continue their “Cinderella” story against the undefeated number one seeded Plateau Warriors. There is only one name for this matchup, the cliché David vs Goliath is the only acceptable label for this high-powered championship game. With the Panthers playing the role of David, ending the season 0-7 isn’t what you expect out of a championship contender. However, the records are all 0-0 once the playoffs start and the Panthers took that to heart. Behind big play from Taras Carter, Nick Manor-Hall and two Cape Verdean additions Denzel Brito and Anderson Gomez. The Panthers have a new look and feel within the team and hasn’t looked back since. The Warriors are playing the role Goliath, they don’t plan on having the same outcome. With MVP candidate Joshua “yo-yo” York-Frazer paired with the best forward in the league Andre “scoop” Jackson the Panthers will have to play near perfect basketball to win. The Warriors aren’t taking the Panthers lightly, “We have to finish, nothing else before this game matters and the next game is always the most important, we are definitely not taking them lightly,” said Frazer. The best component of the Warriors isn’t the star players but rather the ability of the role players and the cohesion between the entire team. Playing as a team is what led them to this moment and with a strong sense of sticking to what got them there this game will be a battle down to the last second. KT’s Cocky Selection for this Championship matchup is the Warriors ending the Panthers “Happily ever after” ending to a great playoff run, with a final score 91-86.

Kyler “KT” Thompson
Praia League Analyst