CB Cidadela vs Palmarejo Sharks

As anticipated the Palmarejo Sharks vs CB Cidadela game was tightly contested. From the opening tip-off the game was tough and a battle throughout. During the first quarter both teams seemed to be comfortable within their offense, but defense is what would determine the early matchups. CB came out in a confident zone after seeing success with the 2-3 against the Volcanico. However, the Syracuse game plan was quickly diluted as sharp shooters for the Sharks heat up behind big man Malik Miller and star Joel Almeida. CB’s big three started off working together and developing a smooth offensive flow. With a halftime score of 56-52 the Sharks weren’t comfortable with that lead and came out in the second half on a 10-1 run. CB had no answer for the 3rd quarter push by the Sharks and looked to be imploding from the inside out chemistry wise. However, back-to-back big defensive plays by Paris Collins cut the lead down to single digits and sparked CB make a late game push. Consistent play from Almeida and Miller kept the Sharks one step ahead with a huge three from Almeida to put the Sharks ahead three points with a minute left. This began the foul game as CB was granted with multiple opportunities to force overtime but missed free throws halted that. The final score was 94-91 with Joel Almeida putting up a game high 29 points to ice the win along with a dominant double-double from Malik Miller.

Ponta D'Agua Gorillas vs Achada Panthers

The game of the night was labeled as such due to the fight and drive from underdog Achada Panthers as they took on the flaming hot Ponta D’Agua. The first half went as expected with the Gorillas lighting up the score board with highlight plays and a huge half from Rodrigues Palmer with 25 points. However, the second half was a different story thanks to a readjustment defensively against Palmer. With the load of the offense falling on big man Allex Austin and young shooter Mario Williams the Gorillas were set to be in great shape up 12. The Panthers had different plans as they come out with big energy on defense that led to a huge run strung together by fast break opportunities. Behind Cape Verdean National team addition Patrick Spencer and high-level play from Taras Carter the Panthers cut the lead late. Tied at 79 each team had to dig deep in a case of who wants it more. With time ticking down after big 3’s on both sides from Palmer, Williams and Carter along with big free throws from the Panthers it all came down to one possession. The entire stadium knew who the last shot was going to which is why the Panthers made sure to triple team Palmer once he made contact with the ball. Trapped at half court Palmer passes it Williams in hopes of finding his shot but instead passes off to star big Allex Austin. With just moments left on the clock Austin passes down the shot and finds open teammate Alexandra Rias who misses the 3-foot floater to tie the game.

Kyler “KT” Thompson
Praia League Analyst.