Pre-Game Analytics and Predictions Playoffs Day 1

CB Cidadela vs Palmerajo Sharks

All things reset to zero as the playoffs are set to tip off today. Today’s action will begin with a tough matchup between two pre-season championship contenders, CB Cidadela will face off against the Palmerajo Sharks. With two star studded rosters the fans and audience will be in for a tight matchup as CB comes off of a big win against the Volcanico. CB has shown if they can put individual personalities to the side and play as a team, they are almost unbeatable. With star players Kobe Reeves, Paris Collins and big man Zoran Talley all playing at the height of their game Palmerajo will have their hands full. The Sharks have their own big 3 with Malik Miller, Joel Almeida and Charles Boozer. The Sharks are coming off of a big loss to the Gorillas in their last matchup of the season however, it was a rest game for the Sharks, and it isn’t in their DNA to have duplicate performances. Behind Walking double-double Malik Miller and sharpshooter Joel Almeida the Sharks have ammunition of their own that CB has to worry about. KTs Cocky selection will be a tightly contested playoff matchup with the Sharks pulling away late with a close victory over CB, 87-84. 

Achada Panthers vs Ponta D’Agua Gorillas

In our second matchup of today’s double header the Achada Panthers take on the Ponta D’Agua Gorillas. The Panthers plan to take the reset to heart as they come into the game with zero wins and try to spoil the Gorillas hot streak. The Gorillas are coming off of a three-game win streak to end the season and plan to keep that energy rolling throughout the playoffs. The Gorillas behind newly found big 3 of Allex Austin, Rodrigues Palmer and young star Mario Williams, all three average roughly 25 points or more a game. With the recent emergence of Mario Williams confidence thanks to his 53-point performance paired with two walking double-doubles the Gorillas will be a hard team to upset. However, Nick Manor-Hall and Taras Carter have different plans in store as they average 49 points per game as a back court. The Panthers stars will have to play lights out along with help from the role players in order to pull off this massive upset. KT’s Cocky selection is the Gorillas continuing their dominance into the playoffs making a big run at the championship title starting with the Panthers, 98-70. 

Kyler “KT” Thompson
Praia League Analyst.