Gorillas vs Panthers

The first match up was between the Ponta d Agua Gorillas and the Winless Achada Panthers. The Panthers continued to struggle with an unfortunate loss. They continue to struggle with rotating the ball for great shot selections and seem to be focused on stats rather than to play as a team. Gorillas’ guard Alexandre Diaz played amazing down low and scored on three men at once. Rodriques Palmer started off hot on the three-point line. Star rebounder Allex Austin was out due to ankle injury. Taras Carter showed the crowd that he too can drain 3’s, scoring a total of 25 points. At half time the Panthers were only down 6, 69-62 with hopes of winning their first game. In the 3rd quarter the Gorillas were not going to let the Panthers win. They took an easy 10 point lead after Mario Williams dominates the floor with a total of _points. With only 07.4 seconds left of the game the Panthers were down 1, 77-74. Unfortunately the Panthers missed their final shot to win.

Sharks vs Cidadela

Game two started off well for both the Sharks and Cidadela, but unfortunately for Cidadela it didn’t end well. The Sharks stayed strong and focused, the final score was 106-101. Shark’s CV star Alwyn Silva put on a show starting the game with three crucial 3-point jumpers and ending the game with a total of 24 points. Charles Boozer and Malik Miller also had phenomenal games; Boozer sent down a nice half court pass to Miller to send a message. Cidadela’s guards Kobe Reeves and Parish Collins did amazing also. Reeves kept feeding Collins Dunks and easy to the rim layups. CB Cidadela must work on their team chemasty if they want to win in the upcoming playoffs. Paris Collins 33 points and Kobe Reeves 23 points where not enough to win this game.

Warriors vs Volcanico

The primetime game was the undefeated Warriors vs the undefeated Valcanico. The entire game was intense knowing that only one team would stay undefeated. The big talented 3 were not here to lose but neither was Josh Yorke-Fraizer and the Warriors. Our best big in the league Andre Jackson played phenomenal by not only dominating down low but hitting some major 3 point shots. The game continued to be a tight one between the two teams. At half time the Warriors were up 3 points, 31-28. Stats are not what either teams care about but as we witnessed it was important for this game. It is no surprise that Star baller Nasir Core scored 31 points alone, Cameron Clark finishing with 4 and Jawan Stephany ending the game with 16 points. Unfortunately it was not enough to beat 27 point Yoyo Fraizer or 14 point Scoop Jackson. With only one minute left in the game, 70-66 Warriors the Volcanicos could not knock any shots down. The warriors win 72-66 and continue to be undefeated.

Altheah "Al B" Ramos
PBL Sideline Reporter