Game 1
Ponta d Agua Gorillas vs Achada Panthers

The first matchup of the day is an interesting game between the Ponta d Agua Gorillas and the winless Achada Panthers. As we mentioned before the Panthers a gradually getting better but can’t seem to figure out the missing piece to win a game. Nick Manor-Hall continues to shine, but its not enough to win a game. The gorillas have been playing amazing and are not looking to lose for the remainder of the season. With Allex Austin averaging roughly 32.7 points and leading the leagues with the highest percentage of rebounds 7.7, this could be an easy win for the Gorillas. Al B predicts that without a doubt the way the Gorillas dominate on the boards and defense, the Panthers have no chance at winning today’s game.

Game 2

Palmarejo Sharks vs CB Cidadela

The second matchup of the day is set to be another interesting game between the Palmarejo Sharks and the CB Cidadela. The last couple of games the Sharks have been showing that they are not the team to mess around with. Charles Boozer has been leading the Sharks to victory and close victory all season. Although the National Team Players are sitting out for today’s games, the Sharks have a solid chance at winning. Cidadela has a better team without the National players, Paris Collins and Kobe Reeves combination will make it impossible for the Sharks to stop them. The only issue is that the CB Cidadela can’t seem to keep their team chemistry going the second half of the game. Last game there were a lot of conflict within the huddle. Al B predicts that’s if Cidadela can keep it together for both halves, seeing that they have a better team, they will win todays game.

Game 3

Plateau Warriors vs Achada Grande Volcanico

Tonight’s Primetime game tonight is going to be heartbreaking to one team and a close one for another. The undefeated Warriors take on the undefeated Volcanico. Volcanico’s big 3 Nasir Core averaging 42 points, Jawan Stephany, and Cameron Clark must have an amazing game today with very minimum mistakes to beat the Warriors. The last game thee Warriors almost lost against the Sharks so they are anxious to keep the undefeated title. Josh Yorke- Fraizer who score a minimun of 30 points a game, hasn’t had any issue maneuvering around the court so It will be exciting to watch him go head to head with Nasir Core. Al B predicts that with all respect to Nasir Core and the Volcanicos, the Warriors will continue with the winning streak. Josh Yorke- Fraizer fouled out last game and almost lost to the Sharks, so he will be coming in strong and will not lose.

Altheah "AL B" Ramos
PBL Sideline Reporter