Game 1
Achada Panthers vs Achada Grande Volcanico

The first matchup of the day is a lopsided matchup between the undefeated Achada Grande Volcanico and the winless Achada Panthers. Though the Panthers are gradually getting better they are still missing crucial pieces and consistent performances from players other than Nick Manor-Hall. On the other side of the equation, we have a dominant Volcanico back court that plans to keep things strictly business as they take on a weaker Panthers team. With the back court averaging roughly 63.5 points per game the Panthers will have their hands full in their attempt at an upset. Nasir Core is coming off of a 33-point performance and half court buzzer beater in an electric comeback last game. This coming directly after his dominant 60-point game, many wonder how much does Core have left in the tank. KT’s Cocky Selection for this game is no surprise, due to the pure dominance of Juwan Stepney and Nasir Core the Volcanico will have a commanding win, 92-73.

Game 2
CB Cidadela vs Ponta D Aqua Gorillas

The second matchup of the day is set to be an interesting battle between CB Cidadela and Ponta D Aqua Gorillas. The Gorillas plan to bounce back after accumulating their second consecutive loss last game. The Big 3 tandem of Williams, Palmer and Austin have another star in the ranks with Shane De Rosa, the issue isn’t talent but rather team chemistry and communication. When the Gorillas are playing as one, they are considered one of the best teams in the league. Cidadela plans to come out firing off on all cylinders after last games dominant victory over the Panthers in what would be the first full game with all three American stars Kobe Reeves, Zoran Talley and Paris Collins. Everything is coming around at the right time for Cidadela as they make a push for the number one seed in the playoffs. KT’s Cocky Selection is Cidadela continuing the newly rekindled dominance on the court with a close win over a strong Gorillas team 102-97.

Game 3
Plateau Warriors vs Palmarejo Sharks

After a heartbreaking loss to a Nasir Core half-court buzzer beater the fan favorite Palmarejo Sharks have another tough matchup against the undefeated Plateau Warriors. The Sharks who have had a complete rebrand of team objectives, morals and goals behind interim head coach Charles Williams look to finish the upset this week with high energy and team basketball. However, the Warriors who are looking more and more like a championship favorite as the games go by are planning to continue to apply pressure. Lead by the treacherous tandem of Josh “Yo-Yo” York-Frazer and Andre “Scoop” Jackson, the Warriors will be sure that the Sharks will have a heavy workload on the menu in order to come away with a win. KT’s Cocky Selection for this game is the Warriors continuing their electric style of winning in a game full of highlights, 96-89.

Kyler “KT” Thompson
Praia League Analyst.