After a couple of days off we are back in Gimno July 7th, 2021, where each team will go head to head. Todays match ups are all going to be quite a show for Praia League.
The first matchup is between the Achada Grande Volcanico and the CB Cidadela at 3 pm. This matchup is set to be a battle between the Volcanicos’ Nasir Core, Jawan Stepney vs the Cidadelas ’ Kobe Reeves, Zoran Talley and Flavio Fonseca. Unfortunately Paris Collins will not play due to suspension. Lets see if the team can get a win without him. They might be able to beat the Valcanicos’ if they can stop Nasir Core early who scored 30 points last game.

The second game of the day is between the Panthers and the Warriors at 5 pm. Panther’s star players Taras Carter, Anthony Lane, and Nick Manor Hall have something to prove seeing that they were blown out the gym their first game. We all seen what the Warriors are capable of, Josh Yorke-Frazer who danced around everyone last game scored 30 plus points and put fear into some players eyes. With the help of Abdelrahman, Andre Jackson and Brady Fernandes they have a chance to beat the Panthers.

The last game of the day, at 7 pm is once again played by the Palmarejo Sharks vs the Gorillas. This game is a big deal for the the Gorillas and the Sharks seewing that both teams lost their first game last week. Allex Austin scored most of his teams points with not much help. The sharks were short on points since Alwyn Silva only scored 1 point in his first game. IF Alwyn Silva shows up and shows out, the Sharks could win. He has help from their big man Malik Miller who also struggled in the first game. their guard-star Charles Boozer wasn't much help offensivly so hopefully today he can step up on offense. If the Gorillas do not step up and have more scorers they will more than likely take another loss. Last game only 4 players scored so it will be interesting to see who can help Austin and Mario Williams.

Altheah “Al B” Ramos
Praia League sideline Reporter