It's been nearly 2 years since Odell's 4 End All Be All was in comission and Unit 4 was rocking with Mavs, Mazzes, Rage Quits, Blowouts, Gauntlets won, Chairs Stomped, and dreams fulfilled (or not). Everyone has since parted ways, lest the two Teams, Allen and Stretch. Though they remain locked in intense 2k battles, nothing can alleviate the heartache of knowing how special the game used to be. As the writer, I can legitimately say my mental health has improved incredibly since those days, although, I still do not have a debit card after an inability to control my anger upon a heartbreaking loss in the Madden NFC Championship caused me to hurl my wallet full strength against my wall, shattering the card in the process.

Where is everyone now? Great question. Team Coulter took his trophies to the West Coast and has joined a different Rec League. Only thing he left behind is the broken broom still on 5 and 20. Word on the street is he's never been better, and after getting dubbed by Anthony Davis, he still enters Vivid Resourcing each day with a smile on his face bigger than the one Emerson 223 (I think) was home to when the unit would race back to meander amongst the clouds, hands clasping a Pint of Ben and Jerry's and a Box of Uncle Joes Wings. Team Bin's reign on the 2K sticks may have been short, but to no surprise, he put 100% effort into it at all times. His losses, his victories, and his leaning forward towards the TV with improved hip mobility provided all the evidence one needs to back up that claim. Plus, Team Bin has his own league to worry about. One where the games have slightly more riding on them (disputable, though) and where lawn-mowing is frowned upon. The surprising word on the street is that of all the End All Be All participants, Team Bin is defnitely the first, and quite possibly the only, member to have purchased and be playing 2k22. It's heartwarming to see the love for the game go on, despite how utterly veg it is. Team Don has joined Team Coultér on the West Coast Best Coast and seems to be basking in the sun, soaking up golden-hour like he was born into it. Communication with Team Donald has been off and on, per usual, though we can only hope he probably picks up the sticks every now and again just to remember what the good days were like. The editorial board of me and myself only still laughs about the Tri-Disputes between the 2 and a half members of upper-odells and Mr. Soaps over who the best player in the unit was. All signs still point to yours truly, as I without question had the most gauntlets won. Last but not least, Team Bill is doing well and if the leage were to be renamed today, the name would probably have to be changed to Team Chopdome. Rumor is he's been sparking knowing damn well there's no NCAA tournament coming anytime in the future. We all still can't believe the sheer volume of games he managed to squeeze in our few short weeks in the league, but if there's one thing we know, that team is comfortable being strapped in to the roller coaster with high highs and even lower lows. Some would call it his home. As for yours truly, I'm in the midst of another grass consuming phase, and I have to say, though I'm not playing 2K, Lego Star wars has provided me with a sense of calm that I certainly never got in Odell's 4.

Game Over.