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Odell's 4 End All Be All

Welcome to the deciding factor of the best 2k player in Odell's 4.
Last Games
TB 49
TD 33
Wed Mar 04 @ 2:00 PM
TB 44
TD 40
Wed Mar 04 @ 2:30 PM
TD 52
TB 54
Wed Mar 04 @ 2:45 PM

Welcome to the number one 2K Sports report of the End All Be All League. It is our hope that you will follow our season and have as much enjoyment participating and reading as we do keeping you all informed. This site is for any and all fans of the league; we welcome all to comment, all to join, and all to laugh along.

There are just a few rules and guidelines that must be recorded:
(1) Must not try too hard to be funny in your comments (Patrick Walker)
(2) Must refer to one Julien Sy as "Don Sy"; "Don Xi"; "Donald"; "Donald Soaps"; or simply "Soaps".
(3) Must uphold the pillars at all times.
(4) Absolutely no mavving.
(5) No mention of he who shall not be named (The B!@n)

Lastly, if you'd like to join the league or hear more about it, feel free to contact me at Hank_Maverick@can'