League Administration is estatic to announce the addition of two members to End All Be All. We sat down with Daniel "Bin; Binjo; Container; Sino; SinBin" Masino and Oskar "Wet Noodle" Coulter to learn a little bit more about them, no new man enters this league without interogation!

Bin Masino
Hometown: Fairport, NY
Favorite food: Pasta Bolognese
Car"ah"mel or Car-mull: Car-mull (Hah!)
2K Experience: Puny
Favorite sex position: Doggy

Why did you want to join this league?
"I didn't want to look like a weird fuck"

What strength will best suit you this season?
"I'm desperate, got nothing to lose"

Some might say your lack of 2K experience could be your downfall, how would you respond to these comments?
"I think it's accurate...........started vegging.............I think that obviously my lack of experience might play to a rough start, but once I hit my groove, you know, it's only up from there."

Oskar Coulter
Hometown: Newton, MA
Favorite Food: Chili's Nachos
What is "The" Garden: Boston's TD Garden
Enjoys hot wings
Favorite Sex Position: Doggy
Favorite quote: "Living fast and eating ass"

Why did you want to join this league?
"What do you mean"

How do you see your 2K Experience comparing with the rest of the talent in the league?
"I think I'll have a slow start because I haven't been playing in awhile, but you know just like MJ he came back to win a Chip, so that's what I'm gonna' do."

What strength will best suit you this season?
"My irrational confidence"

We are very excited for the addition of Oskar and Dan, they are going to be a crucial tool in the building of this league from a sperm cell to a legend.